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In the reactors made by THALETEC, whirling effect is used by the company in order tomix different fluids. The mixing systems powerfully and effectively convert the energy into an intense mixture of the media inside the glass lined apparatus.
Glass lined reactors that comply with DIN 28136 are the workhorses of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Reliability, availability and high performance are the features that are demanded from this kind of apparatus.
Glass lined reactors made by TE are characterized by high resistance to:
-         aggressive media 
-         water vapor
-         thermal shock
-         wear
Glass lined reactor types, their principal dimensions and nozzle arrangements have been standardized in DIN 28136. TE offers a comprehensive range of glass lined reactors:
Reactors of the AE type
These reactors are available in volumes ranging from 63 liters to 1,600 liters. They are produced from high-quality glass for chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The AE design is characterized by a main flange gasket with the same diameter as the total reactor.
Reactors of the BE type
This is the most recent design, which is available in volumes of 630 liters up to40,000 liters. The most prominent feature of a BE reactor is its manhole as the largest opening. For reactors in BE design, two piece agitators, such as the Multiflex system or the new CryoTec system are used.
BE type reactor has small sealing surface and exchangeable agitating system.
Reactors of the CE type
CE reactors are available in volumes from 1600 till 40000 liters. They do not only have a manhole, but also a large assembly hole that isrequired for introducing a single-piece agitator.