Italvacuum S.r.l., Italy
Italvacuum S.r.l., Italy
Established in 1939, Italvacuum is as private capital company located not far from Turin. The company develops and produces vacuum drying systems for use in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Main product groups: patented CRIOX® System - a double cone rotary vacuum dryer for the extraction of water or other solvents from the wet powders; vacuum cabinet dryers MULTISPRAY® for drying of wed powders, pastes or dense liquids; rotary cylindrical vacuum dryers for drying, mixing and condensing operations in the manufacture of granulated plastic materials. Novelty: rotary vacuum dryers PLANEX® with planetary movement of paddles.
Also we offer unique vacuum piston pumps SAURUS939® for any chemical or pharmaceutical processes like drying, distillation and reaction. For use even with aggressive solvents. Minimal oil consumptions using the innovative LUBRIZERO® system.
In the Baltic Countries, Ukraine and CIS the company is represented by MediBalt in Riga.
  • Horizontal paddle vacuum dryer CosmoDry

    Horizontal paddle vacuum dryer CosmoDry

  • SAURUS939 - vacuum piston pump

    SAURUS939 - vacuum piston pump

  • MULTISPRAY - vacuum tray dryers

    MULTISPRAY - vacuum tray dryers

  • PLANEX System® - paddle vacuum dryer

    PLANEX System® - paddle vacuum dryer

  • CRIOX - double cone vacuum dryer

    CRIOX - double cone vacuum dryer

  • Rotary cylindrical dryer (TUMBLE Dryer)

    Rotary cylindrical dryer (TUMBLE Dryer)