Rotary cylindrical dryer (TUMBLE Dryer) Back


Italvacuum S.r.l., Italy


Rotary cylindrical vacuum dryers are designed for drying, mixing and condensing operations in the manufacture of granulated plastic materials: chips, beads, slices, pellets, scraps, etc.
The manufacturing specifications make these dryers especially suitable for processes where it is necessary to operate at high vacuum levels in combination with high heating temperatures, such as:
  • regrading of PET and PBT compounds
  • solid-state post-condensation of PA 6, PA 6.6, PES, PET, PBT, PTT
  • drying of plastic granulates.
The skewed cylindrical form and the constant rotation ensure an efficient product mixing. The result is a uniform final blend in terms of both viscosity and residual humidity, which is greater than that achieved in continuous processes.
In addition, vacuum drying means elimination of oxygen and so avoiding the creation of unwanted secondary compounds or of explosive mixtures with the extracted solvents.
The action on the product is very delicate and light, so that mechanical shocks are avoided, limiting the creation of fine powders, as requested for this kind of production.