Horizontal paddle vacuum dryer CosmoDry Back


Italvacuum S.r.l., Italy


CosmoDry System is based on an operating philosophy conceived for the drying of wet powders coming from filtration or centrifugation stages and it is suitable for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Fine Chemicals and Intermediates.

CosmoDry System consists of a horizontal cylindrical chamber, equipped with a concentric agitator, fitted with a heated shaft dismountable in sections: this is the great added valueof the CosmoDry System®, setting it apart from conventional paddle vacuum dryers.

The walls of the drying chamber, the port lid and the agitator shaft are heated through diathermic liquid circulation. Internal surfaces are mirror polished or electropolished in order to optimize resistance to corrosion, reduce friction on the product and simplify cleaning operations.

The peculiar configuration of the agitator enables continuous stirring of the product and facilitates its thermal exchange, reducing drying time. Moreover, it was designed to limit mechanical and thermal stresses, thus allowing the treatment of thermo-sensitive products. But that is not all. Its special features allow to reduce product deposition at a minimum, providing an easy and efficient unloading operation, for which a dedicated operative cycle has been introduced.

CosmoDry System presents a great loading flexibility. It is manufactured in volumes ranging from 150 to 4.400 liters. The loading capacity can vary from 30% to 80% of the chamber’s volume, according to the processed product, meeting in this way the multiple needs of chemical and pharmaceutical industries.