Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges HX for Pharma Back


Comi Condor s.p.a., ITALY


Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge HX

COMI CONDOR HX type horizontal peeler centrifuge is designed for two main applications:
• pharmaceutical

• chemical

Pharmaceutical Application (GMP)

Application areas

• Chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis products.
• Toxic and/or inflammable products which must not be in contact with the operator. 

Chemical Application
The version designed for the chemical industry is normally used for products with good filterability. The cycle (loading, washing, spinning and cutting) can be carried out at maximum speed in order to obtain a high hourly production rate (up to 12 t/h). The available drive types are as follows:
• Electric motor with turbo coupling (countercurrent braking).
• Electric motor with frequency converter.
• Hydraulic drive.


Basket diameter 500 - 1700 mm
Maximum basket load 28 - 1151 kg
Maximum basket speed 2700 - 950 RPM
G - factor x g 2037 - 858 G
Centrifuge weihgt 2500 - 22000 kg