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·         Vertical Thin Film Dryer
Vertical thin film drying system consists of a cylindrical, vertically arranged housing with a heating jacket and an internal rotor, provided with rows of pendular scrapers along its entire length.
Pendulum elements apply constantly supplied stock solution on the heated walls of the evaporator in a thin layer, thus mixing the solution very effectively. Volatile components continuously evaporate from the product layer, reaching high evaporation rates. Pendulum scrapers maintain a constant minimum gap to achieve a uniform product layer and never touch the heated wall of the dryer.
·         Horizontal Thin Film Dryer
Horizontal thin film drying systems are continuous contact dryers and are used for a wide range of products under vacuum, at atmospheric and overpressure.
They consist of a horizontally arranged heating jacket with end caps and a rotor with rotating scrapers. Wet product flows through the supply pipe, is applied to the hot wall by rotor scrapers and continuously transferred to the discharge port at the opposite end of the housing.